Compile under Win32

  • Xitog

    Xitog - 2007-03-16

    Hi, I'm trying to get it working on Windows (32 bits) with VC8 Express & MS Platform SDK (with Irrlicht of course).
    VC is not happy with this line(326):
    materials = new (irr::video::ITexture *)[head->txt_count];
    But it seems good C++ to me (you are trying to build an array of head->txt_count elements and each element is a (irr::Video::ITexture *, aren't you?). Any ideas to solve this problem ?

    • Xitog

      Xitog - 2007-03-16

      Sorry I should have used the mailing list, as you required in your previous post. And my question must be very obsolete, the downloadable file seems very old, and doens't reflect the project any more, so just ignore it (and if could delete this thread also). Thanks.

      • Filip Volejnik

        Filip Volejnik - 2007-03-18

        Hi. Your second message is right. The release is obsolete, the only way to get the actual sources is through CVS. The source in there should work in VC. Please read the README, there are some instructions. I did not test the windows build a long time, so things can be a bit problematic.


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