#10 simpleopal soundcard setting not functioning


For the debian testing version:

With no -s .... , it defaults to the USB (second) sound card,
which it successfully uses.
Also if -s "USB AUDIO " is specified sound works.
It also works with the 2nd card if -s /dev/dsp1 is specified.
If -s 'Intel 82801DB-ICH4' is explicitly specified, the primary (PCI)
soundcard most applications default to using, it complains:

0:18.216 Pool:0xb6782b70 sound_alsa.cxx(238) ALSA Open Failed
0:18.220 Pool:0xb6782b70 pcss.cxx(290) PCSS Could not open sound channel "Intel 82801DB-ICH4" for playing:
0:18.223 Pool:0xb6782b70 connection.cxx(553) OpalCon CreateMediaStream returned NULL for session 1 on Call[tfc2d2b061]-EP<pc>[c08d706572]

and there is no sound.
-s /dev/dsp causes a similar error.
Only if -s 'Default' is specified does it use the main soundcard,
as would be expected.
This is useable once figured out, but it seems confusing, and led
to wasting much time trying to get a working configuration.
At the least, documenting this and a suggestion to try using
-s Default setting from the start would seem good.


for the Debian exprimental build, which I tried on request of the
Debian package maintainer Eugen Dedu:

There was no real problem getting the ptlib package installed,
and the experimental version of SimpleOPAL didn't crash on startup

-s '/dev/dsp' or -s "Intel 82801DB-ICH4"

but the sound didn't seem to work.
I tried switching between those two and -s "Default"
and there were no warning messages or complaints, they
were listed in the startup info as the soundcard, but
there was no sound when I made a call vrs. Default, where there
was sound for both input and out, verified by call a
SIP echo server.



Regards, Dallas E. Legan II / legan@acm.org / aw585@lafn.org
"Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!"
- "At the Mountains of Madness", H.P. Lovecraft


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  • Robert Jongbloed

    Unfortunately this is working fine for me. I tried:
    simpleopal -ttttot.txt -l -s "HDA Intel"
    and made a successful call.

    All I can suggest is make sure you are using the latest stable release.

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