Is this with the 3.14.1 snapshot? Or the SVN HEAD (aka v3.14.beta2)? If not the latter, can you try it and see if it has already been fixed?

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On 27/06/2014 9:05 PM, Harald Karner wrote:

I've just upgraded OPAL from v3.14.0 to v3.14.1 and found a regression. 
I tracked it down to this commit:

It appears, contrary to what the commit message says ("...using local 
media options as base for remote H.323 capabilities..."), the remote 
options are rather overwritten by the local ones.

In my case it looks like this: locally I have H.264 level 4.1, remote 
has H.264 level 2.2, but in OpalCall::SelectMediaFormats I get the 
remote formats as H.264 level 4.1, which is then used for OLC (and gets 
rejected from the remote side).


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