Robert is the expert on this part of Opal, and he is on vacation at the moment.

I'm sure he will have an answer for you when he gets back in a few weeks.


On 2/22/14, 12:48 AM, Ankur Deep Jaiswal wrote:
I also found that the remote end on a successful OLCACK(from H239 OLC) from openphone sends a MI(miscellaneous indication) packet specifying logicalchannelnumber and logicalchannelactive.
but openphone doesnt do the same thing.
it sends OLC, then on recieving OLCACK starts sending packets before sending MI and presentationTokenIndicateowner packets.

any idea.

On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 9:36 PM, Ankur Deep Jaiswal <> wrote:
I was checking out the new Openphone (version 3.12.9)

after getting a call i checked call->video control->presentation role
i then started call->video control->start sending, to start a H239 presentation

i see that openPhone doesnot send a presentationTokenIndicateowner after getting a successful OLCACK, as such the remote end does not show the transmitted H239 video.

But the reverse works fine, if we start presentation from remote end. it shows up fine on openphone.
i see that the remote end sends a presentationTokenIndicateowner to openphone.

Ankur Deep Jaiswal

Ankur Deep Jaiswal

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