Hi Opal developers


I hope I send this mail on the ordinary path. ;-) I have sent another question directly to Steve Underwood from soft-switch.org and never get an answer, so I try it here.


I am starting to implement the SpanDSP library project (spandsp_util + spandsp) into opal to add fax availability.

I know that T.38 is supported by this library and I have read that T.38 is based 100% on T.30.


I know that T.30 will not work on normal circumstances, but we will use T.30 on a single and direct Ethernet connection for example between an Asterisk PC and our opal implementation (+G711). So it should work I believe (a.) ).


Now I have 4 Questions…..


1.) SpanDSP and T.30

Does somebody know, if it is possible to use T.30 too or how much work I have to spend to make it work?


2.) Opal and SpanDSP fax experience

Does anybody have experience with Opal and SpanDSP? Does it work fine?


3.) Implementation of SpanDSP

I am interested in any tip or documentation to save time for implementing the LibSpanDSP add-on.


4.) Licence splitup between opal and spandsp 

I have read on a Opal README, that the splitup between Opal and SpanDSP is not yet perfectly done to be conform to the licence.

Does anybody know, if there is still a lot to be done?


Thank you very much for your help ;-)


Guido Kuehne