The new stable release candidate for “Wolf” (PTLib v2.4.1 & OPAL v3.4.1) is now available for download from Source Forge.


New additions are:


* "C" API, plus use of [[|swig]] to propagate this API to Java and others.

* Added support for hold & switch, blind transfer and consultation transfer

* T.38 Fax support.

* Support for multiple media streams of same "type", e.g. audio or video.

* Improved video rate controller.

* G.711 Packet Loss Concealment.



This has been branched in the SVN and only important bug fixes will be made from now on. Meanwhile, the trunk has moved to the next “Lalande” release. See for what is planned.



Robert Jongbloed

OPAL/OpenH323/PTLib Architect and Co-founder.