It has a been a while since the last “stable” release, and the “Sirius” branch (aka trunk) has a whole bunch of new features that are pretty much complete. So, it seems like it is time to start the stabilisation campaign.


If you are sitting on any patches for new stuff or bug fixes, please submit them now!


Sometime next week I will create the branch and from then on only bugs will be fixed on that branch.



Big ticket items in this release:


·         Support for SIMPLE and OMA variants for presence.

·         MSRP instant messaging.

·         OPAL based “mixer” class for audio and video with sample MCU.

·         T.38 and G.711 fax support using SpanDSP as a DLL/Plug in. Fixed numerous compatibility issues from Lalande, which was pretty broken.

·         H.239 client side support.

·         Call recording can now include video to AVI file (Windows only at present)

·         G.722.2 (aka GSM-AMR wide band) codec plug in.

·         Can now handle large numbers of SIP registrations or subscriptions.

·         “Internal transfer” feature for switching a network connection (e.g. SIP) between subsystems, e.g. call starts in on an IVR and then moves to the MCU or the CP sound system.

·         New simplified C++ API based on the “C” API.

·         Ruby interface classes.

·         The usual innumerable tweaks and fixes.



Robert Jongbloed

OPAL/OpenH323/PTLib Architect and Co-founder.