#83 rxQueue.testGroup 'fix' for MacOSX

Mark Miesfeld
Test cases (4)

Index: test/trunk/ooRexx/utilities/rxqueue/rxQueue.testGroup

--- test/trunk/ooRexx/utilities/rxqueue/rxQueue.testGroup (revision 4729)
+++ test/trunk/ooRexx/utilities/rxqueue/rxQueue.testGroup (working copy)
@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@
-- to work on your platform and, maybe, turn this into a select statement.
os = .ooRexxUnit.OSName
msg = "Please fix this test if OS is not Windows, Linux, or AIX"
- self~assertTrue(os == "WINDOWS" | os == "LINUX" | os = "AIX", msg)
+ self~assertTrue(os == "WINDOWS" | os == "LINUX" | os = "AIX" | os = "MACOSX", msg)

-- This redirects stderr correctly on Windows, Linux (bash), and AIX (ksh).
-- We may need to add a test for the proper shell in use.
Index: test/trunk/setTestEnv.sh


  • Rick McGuire
    Rick McGuire

    Rene, this patch looks like it might be incomplete, since it ends with an index item? Also, when submitting patches, it generally is a lot easier to deal with if you supply the file as an attachment rather than inline, since the edit field for the Tracker tends to reformat the data, making the patch generaly unapplyable.

  • rxQueue.testGroup.patch

  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

    Committed revision 4803.

    Thanks René.

    There may be (probably are) a few more places in the test suite where I have things like this, simply because I have no way of trying out the code to be sure it is correct.

    I would rather have a test case fail and come back and fix it then just blindly assume the test case will work as expected on Mac OS X.

    I appreciate your help in making sure the test suite works correctly on Mac OS X.



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