#77 update build files

Bug fix (24)


this patch contains the following adjustments:

  1. Do not install rxapid on AIX (this script will not work)
  2. Print error message if g++ is used on AIX (the resulting binaries do not work; gcc 4.2.4)



  • Rainer Tammer

    Rainer Tammer - 2009-01-07


  • Rainer Tammer

    Rainer Tammer - 2009-01-09

    is there a problem with this patch ?

    One question: This patch got automatically assigned to Rick.
    Is he the right one for the config system??


  • Rainer Tammer

    Rainer Tammer - 2009-01-19

    are there any further questions regarding this patch ??

  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2009-01-24

    Hi Rainer,

    Sorry it took so long to respond to this. I appreciate your work to keep ooRexx running on AIX.

    Couple of things here.

    1.) I applied the part of the patch that changes the Makefile to not install rxapid on AIX because you said it won't work on AIX. There must be some way to have rxapi run as a daemon, or a service, on AIX, isn't there? Will your AIX package set that up?

    2.) I didn't apply the second part of your patch concerning g++. I'm not an expert on the config system, but it looks to me like that part of your patch turns off g++ on AIX in addition to issuing a warning. Rick was opposed to this and after some second thought I am too. If the binaries don't work, then so be it.

    I think Rick's feeling was that if someone tries to build with g++ on AIX, they will discover soon enough that the binaries don't work. Maybe they will have the skill to come up with a fix for that and turning off g++ may just discourage their trying to fix it.

    Wouldn't it be better to submit a patch to the unix-like-build.txt file updating the AIX portion wil some text saying that using g++ on AIX does not seem to work and we would appreciate any help in determining why?

    Anyhow, I would rather see the update unix-like-build.txt route at this point. If you think I didn't interpret the effect of the patch correctly (which I might not of) please submit a patch with just that change and bring it up for discussion on the devel group.

    I know Rick monitors all these tracker updates just like I do. But, it is just easier to discuss these types of things through an e-mail interface rather than the tracker interface. I for one need a spell checker. <grin>

    Thanks again for all your work on AIX.



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