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#51 Patch to sysinfo.rex

Sample (19)
Lee Peedin

The sysinfo.rex sample program included with the distributions is an excellent example of using Windows Management Interface (WMI) to glean information on the user's system; however, it may leave the user wondering if anything is "happening".

Some of the choices take a few seconds to populate the dialog thus giving the appearance that nothing is happening. This is especially true when gathering the services and processes.

The goal of this patch is to remove any doubt that "something" is happening.

What this patch does:

Prior to populating the dialog the size and position of the dialog is recorded along with the current cursor shape.

During the population, the cursor is changed to the "hour glass" shape and placed in the center of the dialog being populated.

Once the population is completed, the cursor is restored to its original shape AND position.



  • Lee Peedin

    Lee Peedin - 2007-10-30

    Patch to sysinfo.rex

  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2007-11-01

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Committed revision 1180.

    Thanks Lee that is a good improvement.

    Some food for thought:

    • Moving the hourglass cursor to the center of the dialog and then restoring the cursor to its original position makes the cursor appear jerky. Some users might find that distracting. One technique that is used to force the cursor to repaint immediately is to get its position and then just move it 1 x unit and 1 y unit. Then the hourglass shape appears immediately and there is no jerky movement.

    • In the sample, when you select the service item, much of the descriptive text for the services is horizontally off to the right of the list control. But there is no way to scroll horizontally to see it. ;-( That might be a good thing to fix. (I know how to do it if you need a hint. <grin> E-mail me if you want the hint, so this tracker item doesn't get re-opened.)



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