#189 Doc change: Readme windows.xml minor typos

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Here are 17 typos.
Should I summarize them like Erich did in #186 or is the patch file easy enough to read?
Should I create a patch file for the trunk in addition to the 4.2 branch?

Craig Harris

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  • Rick McGuire

    Rick McGuire - 2013-12-14

    No, the patch file is always the final say, so a summary is not necessary (and frequently even misleading). No need to supply anything other than the 4.2.0 branch. We're planning on just merging stuff back into trunk once this release ships.

  • Rick McGuire

    Rick McGuire - 2013-12-14
    • status: open --> pending
    • assigned_to: Rick McGuire
  • Rick McGuire

    Rick McGuire - 2013-12-14

    Committed [r9704]

    Not sure what you used to generate the patch file, but it did not appear to be generated by SVN. In the future, I'd recommend using SVN DIFF and doing the DIFF from somewhere in the actual SVN tree so that the diff file has a relative file path. I was able to patch this up so it would apply, but doing this will save time if you have additional patches to submit.



    Commit: [r9704]

  • Craig Harris

    Craig Harris - 2013-12-14

    I used TortoiseSVN
    TortoiseSVN 1.8.4, Build 24972 - 64 Bit , 2013/11/24 11:15:39
    Subversion 1.8.5, -release
    apr 1.4.8
    apr-util 1.5.2
    serf 1.3.2
    OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb 2013
    zlib 1.2.8

    After I made the changes to the file using Notepad++, I opened the file with TortoiseSVN reviewed the changes and created a patch file.

    After looking at Erich's patch file in #186 I think I know what I did wrong. I right clicked on the windows.xml file to create the diff file instead of the folder level.

    Will test it before I send any more.


  • Rick McGuire

    Rick McGuire - 2014-04-15
    • status: pending --> closed


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