#136 Patch for oodGuide Exercises

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Oliver Sims

Exercises 03a and 03b - 03b is a zip file (containing 4 .rexx files - thought it easier to attach this way - maybe not the best thought though??)
Anyway, I'm attaching the zip as an artifact to this patch in case it's not in the patch file itslef.


  • Oliver Sims

    Oliver Sims - 2011-03-31

    Exercises 03a and 03b.

  • Oliver Sims

    Oliver Sims - 2011-03-31

    Exercise 03b - contains four .rex files.

  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2011-03-31


    You seem to have gotten confused about svn and I think we are out of sync on this.

    1.) You can not include binary files in a patch. A patch is basically a diff between two text files.

    So the zip file should not have been svn added in your working copy. You need to do a svn revert on the zip file to remove it from your working copy.

    If you have an image file to add the oodguide doc, don't do an svn add for that file in your working copy. Change the .xml file to include the image. Create a patch for the xml file only. Open a tracker item for the change. Attach the patch of the xml file only to the tracker item. Attach the binary image file separately to the tracker item. Put a note in the tracker item along the lines of XYZ.bmp should be added to the oodguide directory and placed under version control.

    2.) For your Rexx files that go along with the User Guide, a.) I have already committed those Rexx files. b.) You should be able to do a svn update in the samples/windows/oodialog/userGuide/exercises directory and see that those files are already in the repository.

    In summary:

    Do not do a svn add for any binary file in your working copy. If the binary file (an image file) is part of the source code for the the User Guide, then attach that file separately to the same tracker item for the patch of the .xml file that includes the binary file.

    Renaming text files through a patch does not seem to work correctly. If you want to rename a file already under version control, then open up a tracker patch item and simply put in the comment field what file you want renamed. For instance to rename userGuilde/exercises/Exercise3.rex to Exercise3a.rex, just open a Patch tracker, but only add a comment saying I want to rename Exercise3.rex to Exercise3a.rex

    For any new, pure text file, you do create a patch. For a new file, say Exercise3b-app.rex, Create the file in your working copy, do a svn add on that file, create a patch. Open a tracker item and attach the patch. You can include as many new files in the patch as you want, along with changes to text files already under version control if there are any.

    If this is not clear, then let me know what is not clear. I appreciate your initiative with creating a User Guide, thanks.

  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2011-04-01

    Just close this one, the patch is straightened out in another tracker item.



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