ooRexx: 4.0 Beta Now Available

Home of the Open Object Rexx Project. ooRexx is the open source version of IBM's Object REXX Interpreter. It is upwardly compatible with classic REXX and will execute classic REXX programs unchanged. The project is managed by the Rexx Language Assoc.

The first beta of ooRexx 4.0 is now available at
https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=119701 (SourceForge). The beta program will last as long as necessary or until the team deems the product ready for release. The team believes the beta will last until at least until May 30, 2009. This should give everyone time for testing their current production programs against this new release. But if additional time is needed then the team will consider such requests.

Here is a partial list of the enhancements and improvements available in ooRexx 4.0.

  • The entire guts of the interpreter have been ripped out and replaced. This will enhance the interpreter in several ways including specifically performance, maintainability, and extensibility.

  • A whole new set of application programming interfaces (APIs) have been added. Although these utilize C++ they are extremely easy to use. All of the external function libraries have been upgraded to use these new APIs.

  • RexxUtil and all the other standard external function libraries have been converted to utilize the new C++ APIs. In many cases this will improve the execution speed of some of the functions.

  • Several new utility classes have been added including a sockets class, Mime classes, and SMTP classes.

  • The documentation has been enhanced and includes additional information on the new C++ APIs as well as the new classes and methods that are available.

  • The *nix versions of rxapi now runs as a system wide daemon. Shared memory has been eliminated in this program and it now uses a sockets interface for communication.

  • ooDialog has been revised to utilize the new C++ APIs. Many new classes and methods have been added. A large number of bugs have also been fixed.

  • The ooRexx Subversion incubator also has a number of new subprojects which demonstrate the new C++ APIs. These include RexxGTK and Mod_ooRexx, both of which will be released soon after ooRexx 4.0 is released.

We also hope to expand the number of platforms the ooRexx supports but as yet we have no specifc plans in this area.

W. David Ashley
for the ooRexx Team

Posted by David Ashley 2012-08-14

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