ooRexx 3.1.2 Released

The Rexx Language Association and the ooRexx Project Team are proud to announce the official release of ooRexx 3.1.2. This release supports a number of platforms.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Red Hat Linux 4 i386

Red Hat Linux 4 PPC

Fedora Core 6

Open Suse 10.1 and 10.2

Debian Sarge

Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04

Solaris i386

AIX 5.2 an 5.3

Apple Mac OSX (package available at a later time)

This release contains a number of new features and fixes including, but not limited to the following (see the Changes document for all changes in this release).


This release contains a number of new feature and fixes.

  • Fixed ooRexx to run correctly on Windows Vista

  • Fixed a segmenattion fault on Linux for large programs

  • New methods added for the MutableBuffer and String classes

  • A number of Windows OLE bugs have been fixed

  • Added new user subcode to all messages

  • Added the instanceOf method to the Object class

  • Fixed ooDialog large program segmentation fault

  • Added an OLE interface to Open Office

  • Many documentation fixes, enhancements and clarifications

Please report any bugs or problems to the SourceForge ooRexx tracker page.



W. David Ashley

Open Object Rexx Team

Posted by David Ashley 2012-08-14

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