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I have been struggling with how to deliver the release candidates for ooRexx 3.1.2. I have come to the conclusion that we should create a new release on Sourceforge just for the release candidates. When the final release is ready I can drop the release candidate release so that it does not appear any more on the page. This also gives us a common place to collect all the files as anyone can FTP anything into the SF upload area, but only an admin can make them visible to the release.

So as you get rpms, debs, zips, etc ready just upload them to SF and then post a note to the this mailing list and I will make them visible as a release candidate.

I would like to post our first release candidates on Friday of this week if possible. Don't worry if you need the weekend, just post a note when the files are uploaded. I will upload the i386 Linux rpm, the PPC rpm and the docs on Friday.

W. David Ashley
IBM Systems and Technology Group Lab Services
Open Object Rexx Team
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