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The ooRexx Development Team is pleased to announce the first beta release of ooRexx 3.1. It  is available on SourceForge at

Currently the available files are

ooRexx310beta1.exe  -  Windows install
ooRexx-3.1.0-beta1.i386.rpm  -  Linux RPM
ooRexx-3.1.0-beta1.tar.gz  -  source tar file  -  source zip file  - documentation including PDFs and HTML zip files

There will be additional release files soon including a Linux .deb file and an AIX install file. I will send out a notice when those become available. (Note - for those of you building these additional releases please use the source files on SourceForge to build your release)

It is very important that you remove any trace of a previous ooRexx or IBM REXX install from your target machine before installing the ooRexx 3.1 beta! Not heeding this warning will probably leave you with a mess on your hands :-)

If you discover bugs in the beta please open a bug report on SourceForge and be sure to assign the bug to the "3.1beta" Group so we know that it applies to the beta.

And, of course, feedback on the beta is always appreciated. Enjoy!

W. David Ashley
IBM Linux Technology Center
Linux Installation & Open Object Rexx Teams
IBM Phone: 512-838-0609 T/L 678-0609
Mobile Phone: 512-289-7506