All -

I thought I would reply to everything at once.

Mark -
I think we need to hold off on spliting the package int a devel and a standard one until 4.0. From the RPM perspective I already have everything working and it might be a distraction to try it at this time, especially since this is just an update to the existing code base. But I do believe your suggestion is correct going forward.

I don't think we should include creating the symlinks in /usr/bin and /usr/lib in the "make install" piece. Mainly because it would make it hard to know how to clean up a package install sinbce the current spec file supports multiple prefixes for the target install (/usr and /opt/ooRexx). The current spec file takes this into account in it own cleanup stages.

Rusty -
I believe that there will not be any objections to having the ooRexx SF site host your deb package. But you should also expect us to hand off all questions about it back to you as none of us know anything about deb packages. So if you are ok with supporting it, we are ok with hosting it.

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