All -

I have created the ooRexx Subversion repository on SourceForge. This repository currently holds the ooRexx 4.0 development tree. The 3.x version of ooRexx will continue to be held within the SourceForge CVS repository. All of the core ooRexx developers have had their access privileges updated for Subversion and all other should have read access to the repository. See the SF Subversion tab on the ooRexx project page for help working with the repository.

Both the current ooRexx 4.0 code base was imported into SVN as well as a copy of the 3.1 docs base (with some changes).

There is also a Subversion config file that was placed in the repository (/svnconfig/config). This is the suggested Subversion configuration file for use with ooRexx. It has entries which explicitly specify what files are binary and which files are text-based. It is highly recommended that you use this configuration file when checking out or updating the repository.

Have fun!

Rick -

I made a few minor changes to the oorexx tree so you may need to do some work to the Makefiles to get back to where you were.

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