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I have been working on a new Sockets class and I came across a method I really needed to add to my class. I believe it is useful enough that we should consider adding it to the Object class as a class method.

I was always needing to check the value of an argument in a method against an array of valid values. Something like

opts = .array~of('VALUE1', 'VALUE2', 'VALUE3')
if self~checkValue(myvalue, opts) then raise 93.914 ...

The method looks like this

::method checkValue
use strict arg checkval, checkarray
do z over checkarray
if checkval = z then return .false
return .true

I thought this was so obvious that it should be available to all classes in ooRexx.

Your opinions on this would be valuable. I am not tied to the method name I have chosen. Another name would be just fine with me.

W. David Ashley
IBM Systems and Technology Group Lab Services
Open Object Rexx Team
Mobile Phone: 512-289-7506