Now we are on the subject, some days ago I sent a sample to of something concerning .environment that I thought did not work correctly on MacOSX. It turned out that OS/2 was the only platform on which it would run, due to the implementation dependent use of shared memory. 

I would vote for having a deprecation mechanism for such constructs (so we could flag them and tell them that only OS/2 supports it; and you shoud not use it if you care for platform independency) -- this of course depending on your intention of making a 'script type' exec that is intrinsicly platform dependent or switches on environment, or making an application that needs to run on many platforms;

So I would
1) like to know if there are more platform specific constructions  ( so I can put them in my testset for OO stuff)
2) like to know if you all agree that a deprecation-type warning is called for in cases like these

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On May 23, 2005, at 3:01 PM, Michael Lueck wrote:

I would vote for some sort of header being there, but standard across
platforms. It would assist with log scrappers that could understand the error