All making a class a mixin does is add the ability to use the class in the inherit option.  In all other aspects, it is just a normal class. 


On Fri, May 17, 2013 at 12:46 PM, Oliver Sims <> wrote:
The following, which I thought would not work, does work:
c1 = .MyClass1~new;  c1~doIt
c2 = .MyClass2~new;  c2~doIt
::class MyClass1 inherit  MixinA
::class MyClass2 subclass MixinA
::class MixinA mixinclass object;
  ::method doIt;  say "MixinA caught it."
/* Command Prompt Output:
MixinA caught it.
MixinA caught it.

Is this working to spec? There's no mention (that I can find) in the ooRexx Reference about sublassing a mixin - as opposed to inheriting it.
I hope it is working to spec, 'cos I really do like it! 


Oliver Sims

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