David, if we have bug fixes, should we hold off on integrating them into the beta branch until that process is sorted out?


On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 9:24 AM, David Ashley <w.david.ashley@gmail.com> wrote:
All -

Over the next few days or so I will produce the Linux install files for
the ooRexx 4.2.0 beta. This might take some time so be patient. The are
now about 52 operating systems that I need to create install files for.
I have the process somewhat automated but I have never tested the
process so I may have to work out some bugs.

During the builds of the beta the daily builds may or may not be put on
hold. We will just have to see how my production of the beta goes. In
any case I will let everyone know when beta production is finished and
when things get back to normal.

David Ashley

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