On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 4:35 AM, Walter Pachl <christel.u.w.pachl@chello.at> wrote:
I shall change my bad habits :-)
Should I write a separate one for each of them or a collectie one addressing the section?
Still I plea for the example how to use s=cq~supplier.
My (innocent) attempts failed.

Yet another reason for not asking the "should I open a bug for this question".  The supplier question was way at the end, pretty much guaranteeing it was not read.  I think for problems of this size, you can open a single tracker item, as long as they are relatively related (e.g., they apply to the same class or section of the docs). 

Here's a short example: 

q = .circularqueue~of("Rick", "David", "Mark")

s = q~supplier

do while s~available
   say s~item s~index


---- Mike Cowlishaw <mfc@speleotrove.com> schrieb:
> Also, by posting every little detail/question everyone on the list gets a copy.
> Putting it into the tracking system means that only the people who can/will fix
> it have to read it.  And of course, each one can be tracked individually which
> helps everyone.
> Mike
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> From: Walter Pachl [mailto:christel.u.w.pachl@chello.at]
> Sent: 27 September 2012 04:54
> To: 'Open Object Rexx Developer Mailing List'
> Subject: Re: [Oorexx-devel] rexxref.
> I am learning!
> If someone (needn't be you, Rick) says: "You are right" - I will.
> It saves me some time if my question regarding the supplier is answered instead
> of becoming a rejected bug.)
> Von: Rick McGuire [mailto:object.rexx@gmail.com]
> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 27. September 2012 01:12
> An: Open Object Rexx Developer Mailing List
> Betreff: Re: [Oorexx-devel] rexxref.
> You really would save a lot of time if you just opened bug reports for these
> sorts of things.  I get really tired of the "should I open a bug report dance".
> Frankly, I will rarely even look at things like this until it is in the system.
> Rick

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