The sourceforge Allura system has some very nice capabilities for using markdown in the various contexts.  I've been trying to use this consistently and I'd like to encourage others to start doing this too.  There just a couple of things you need to do: 

1)  When updating a tracker item for a commit, rather than typing 

Committed in revision 9642

use instead

Committed in [r9642]

The syntax in the square brackets will create a link in the tracker item directly to the SVN commit data.  This can be very handy to have, as you can see what was committed with a single click.  

2)  Create a link back to the tracker item in the commit messages.  Similar markdown works in the commit messages.  If you are committing a bug, use a message like this: 

[#1216] x2c not recognizing invalid leading or trailing tabs

The brackets around the bug number will create a link in the SVN viewer directly back to the tracker item for the bug.  The #1216 automatically links to a bug number.  For other trackers, you need to qualify the tracker using


Where the qualifier is the name of the tracker with a hyphen replacing the blank in the name.  

I'd like to see us getting consistent in this usage, but at a minimum, use the revision links when updating the tracker items.