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I guess I had a bad understanding of what botan was in the context of SQLite.  I didn't realize it was a general purporse crypto library.  This certainly would be a good general addition to ooRexx, particularly if it meant we could provide SSL support.  I do have one concern about whether there are any US export concerns with distributing ooRexx with crypto support.  I suspect that the botan people have already dealt with that issue, be we need to check on it.  Maybe we really should consider building a separate dll with some suitable API wrappers for ooRexx.  

Rick, as botan is open source, can that be restricted by a US export rule? I can't really see how.

Yes it can.  I had a bit of experience with this in my last job at IBM, which was working on Apache Geronimo (an open source web server).  Just because the source is open doesn't mean it can be classified as an "armament" by the government.  The rules for this, unfortunately, are somewhat arbitrary and generally out of date with respect to the current state of the world. 

The solution was frequently to not ship the crypto libraries directly, but build in support that could use the crypto libraries if they have been downloaded and installed separately.  




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