Thanks! I'll start with the packaging of the rexxgtk as soon as I get some time.

By the way: Wha´ts do you thing is the best way: Just package gtkrexx and requires the gtk3runtime as a separated package ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/gtk3win/ ) or package the entire (and big) gtkruntime in the gtkrexx installer? Or both?

In other project (pw3270 - 3270´s terminal emulator) I´m installing the entire gtkruntime in the application folder; easy to guarantee the gtk version but far more dificult to do an automated software distribution because of the file size.

2013/7/4 Mark Miesfeld <miesfeld@gmail.com>
On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 5:50 PM, Perry Werneck <perry.werneck@gmail.com> wrote:

Not sure if this is the right list but was the best way to contribute to ooRexx? I already open 2 tickets with patches (*) on the sourceforge page but I´m not sure if there´s someone monitoring it. Am I doing it right?

Hi Perry,

This is the right list, and submitting patches is the best way to contribute.

Someone is monitoring the patches tickets, I saw your patches.  We don't always have time to act on things right away.

So, I think you are doing this just right - submit a patch and then discuss it on this list to get the other developers input.

I usually defer to David when it comes to what is the 'right' way to do the installs on Linux.  I don't follow things like a "more lsb script," so I didn't comment on the patch.

By the way: I´m planning to build a NSIS based installer for rexxgtk on windows; do you thing this will be usefull?

I think it would be useful.  I would encourage you to do that and submit it.

David is also the one who did rexxgtk, so he should be the one to comment on adding gtk3 support to rexxgtk.

But, I'm knowledgeable about NSIS installers on Windows, so if you submit an installer for rexxgtk I'm likely to take a close look at it.

Ask questions on this list.  "Did anyone see my patch?" seems like a perfectly valid question to get a conversation going.

Mark Miesfeld

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