Done some tests of the toJson() and fromJson() methods, exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks a lot!


2013/1/16 Ruurd J. Idenburg <>
I'm using Brandon's json.cls without any problems with some pretty
complicated JSON strings for a while now. So a definite

  With javascript at the browser end and rexx (cgi now, as mod_oorexx
  isn't available (yet?) AFAIK) and gradually more php at the server
  side and a lot of XML stuff, I'm using XMLObjectifier from to switch from XML to JSON in javascript and vv and
  Brandon's json.cls to go from JSON to (oo)rexx and vv. Of course php
  has it's own JSON functions/methods.

Op 16-1-2013 16:28, Brandon Cherry schreef:
> I had to do this for a project a while back (ooRexx 3.1).

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