It has some cool new features in it that I was hoping some of you might help test them.

For Staffan and Oliver - I have finished the implementation that allows the embedding of either an edit control, or a combo box in the subitem area of a list-view.  It is pretty cool.

Not only cool, it's just what I've searched a solution to. Five stars (again).

I have some example programs showing how it works, but they are not polished up yet.  So, rather than include them in the distribution, for this preview I just added a zip file to the download area.

The samples seem to work fine. Looks great.
The docs are started for the new methods, some done, some not done.  I'd appreciated any feedback and testing.

In addition, there is a generic implementation of resizable dialogs.  You can make any dialog resizable by inheriting the ResizingAdmin class.  This includes RcDialog and ResDialog dialogs.  There are some examples of this in the distribution under:


Without having seen the doc yet, does this function support dynamically built dialogs (not fully clear) and running from compiled code?

Again, the doc is started but not finished.  A lot of the basics of how it works is in the comments in the augmentedResize.rex example.

Here I was really hoping some people would help test the ResizingAdmin class.

Will certainly look at this in some detail. Great work!