I wanted to get this cleaned up now, so I went ahead and open up a RFE:

#519 Would like the ListView hitTestInfo to return the subitem index
See ticket [Feature-requests:#519]

I also fixed up the doc a little for this.

I've been testing the method and I can tell you that the values in the .Directory object, if you use that feature, accurately reflect what the OS returns.  

What the OS returns:  

1.) Can vary depending on what version of Windows you are executing on.

2.) Can vary depending on what style(s) the list-view has.  In particular whether the list-view has the FULLROWSELECT style or not will change what is reported.

3.) Sometimes the values the OS returns seem wrong.  For instance, if you click on the header control when the list-view is in report view, you will sometimes get -1 nowhere and sometimes get 0 on item.  If you click on the top half of header, you will get -1 nowhere, but if you click on the bottom half of the header you can get 0, on item.

1 and 2 seem understandable, but 3 seems a bit buggy. My idea is to allow a user to right-click on any row/column in a report view, and the code should determine what was clicked and what action to take. This could be in the form of a popup with an action appropriate for the item/subitem or maybe an overlay using an edit or combobox control, something along those lines. Perhaps a combination of a couple of method calls may reveal the true location of the click? I appreciate your time working on this.