Please test the pre-built 32-bit package if you want to.  I can not test it until this weekend, but it should be good.

Thanks Mark, I will certainly look into this today and provide my feedback.

This morning I had a good/bad idea (delete as you feel fit): Instead of providing botan as an ooSQLite extension (I guess that is what it is), why not provide it as standard in the form of a DLL with ooRexx instead? I can see several benefits doing that, such as future support for encrypted streams, encrypted ftp, encrypted tcpip, in short anything you want. Having the crypto library packaged with ooSQLite reduces its usability. ooRexx would stand out against the rest if it had encryption support already built in, and in today's world this is getting more and more important. And the ooSQLite footprint will be back to what it was before ;)

I increase my 2p to 4p worth on this one :)