The link I posted was:

which is a web page.  Look at the entire web page to find what you want.

The link you just sent:

Download (18.1 MB)

is a link to a single file.  Do not pick that link.  Pick the link of the file you want to download.

Mark Miesfeld

On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 9:03 PM, Walter Pachl <> wrote:

This gives me

Download (18.1 MB)

Where is the 32 bit version or do I have to use 64 now??

And the doc link gets the same?!?

Too dumb for all that:


Thanks anyway


Von: Mark Miesfeld []
Gesendet: Montag, 08. Juli 2013 00:11
An: Open Object Rexx Announcements; Open Object Rexx Users; ooRexx Dev List; RexxLA
Betreff: [Oorexx-devel] Announce ooRexx 4.1.3 Is Now Available


The Open Object Rexx Development Team is proud to announce the availability of ooRexx 4.1.3. This is a bug fix only release, with about 20 bug fixes.

Installation packages for ooRexx are available immediately on SourceForge. You can download ooRexx 4.1.3 from:

Complete documentation in PDF and HTML format can be downloaded from:

Download the CHANGES document, in the ooRex files area, to see the list of fixes. The _ReadMe.pdf or _ReadMe.html files contain additional information concerning the release.  If you discover bugs please open a bug report at:

The ooRexx Development Team

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