A quick announcement that an ooTest-4.2.0-snapshot06 package is now available for download from SourcForge:


This snapshot represents the current state of the test suite used to test ooRexx 4.2.0.

There has been a lot of information written on how to use the test suite and that information is available in the ooTest-4.2.0-snapshot06 package.  If, after reading that information, there are any questions regarding the test suite, please post a question on any of the lists where discussions concerning ooRexx take place.

It has always been the hope of the ooRexx development team that users would help test ooRexx by running the test suite and participate in improving the test suite by writing test cases.

Any and all questions regarding the test suite, or requests for help in writing test case, are welcome and will be addressed by one of the developers.

Thank you,
The ooRexx Project Team