Installation packages for ooDialog version 4.2.1 are now available on SourceForge at:

This is the official release of ooDialog 4.2.1.

ooDialog 4.2.1 is a bug fix and enhancement release.  The ReadMe file that displays on the SourceForge download page contains a list of the bug fixes and enhancements in 4.2.1.  In addition the ooDialog reference manual, in chapter 1, Brief Overview, section 1.5 Current Release contains a complete discussion of the changes in ooDialog 4.2.1 from ooDialog 4.2.0.

4.2.1 has a number of new features.  It contains the implementation of quite a few Request For Enhancements that were submitted to the project on SourceForge.  The basic framework of ooDialog has been enhanced so that it is now reasonably easy to add new features.  Users of ooDialog are encouraged to submit requests for features or enhancements they would like to see in ooDialog using the Request for Enhancement tracker at:

There are currently no known bugs in ooDialog.  Anyone suspecting they have discovered a bug or other problem in ooDialog is encourage to report this using the ooRexx SourceForge tracker for bugs:

Beginning with the release of ooDialog 4.2.0, the installation of ooDialog has been decoupled from the interpreter.  ooDialog 4.2.1 installs over the top of any ooRexx installation.  It replaces the version of ooDialog in the ooRexx installation with ooDialog 4.2.1.

This type of ooDialog installation is called an "independent" ooDialog installation to indicate the ooDialog installation is independent of an ooRexx installation and, to a degree, the version of ooRexx installed.

ooDialog 4.2.1 requires a minimum ooRexx version of 4.1.0 to be installed on the target computer.

Installation is simple, done through a typical Windows installer.  Pick the installation package that matches the bitness of the ooRexx installation.  I.e., a 32-bit package for a 32-bit ooRexx and a 64-bit package for a 64-bit ooRexx.  Note that the bitness of the operating system is not relevant here.  If you have installed a 32-bit ooRexx on a Windows 64-bit system, you must install a 32-bit ooDialog.

The installer will detect the installed ooRexx, location, and version.  If the ooRexx version is less than 4.1.0, or if there is no installed ooRexx, the installer will abort with a message explaining the problem.  Otherwise the installer will replace the current ooDialog with ooDialog 4.2.1.

Mark Miesfeld for the ooRexx Development Team