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Hello Mark!

> The documentation says about the connect argument:

I did not fully understand the difference between 'connection
request' and 'autoconnect', as such it was some trial and error
what I did - and failed.

It's difficult to understand an explanation, if you do not understand the terminology in the explanation.  You need to understand the difference between a menu bar and a system menu.  The opening paragraphs in the Menu chapter explain what a system menu and a menu bar are.

Then, when you understand that a system menu is not a menu bar, and the explanation says that connection requests only apply to menu bars, I think you would understand that a connection request doesn't apply to a system menu.

Anyhow, that's why I try to answer any questions brought up here on ooDialog.  I don't claim that the doc is perfectly understandable.  just that it is better then it used to be.  ;-)

> Which implies that a using a connection request here will never
> be fulfilled, because there is no MenuBar involved.

Well, insertItem() returned '1' what stands for successful
execution. Strange.

The menu item was inserted wasn't it?  So, it was successful wasn't it?  You choose to use an optional argument that is documented as being ignored in the specific case you were using, and it was ignored wasn't it?  That doesn't seem strange to me that success was returned.  ;-)

But, I see that in the doc, I could be a little more explicit in saying that the connect argument is ignored if the menu is not a menu bar.

Mark Miesfeld