On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 2:26 PM, Oliver Sims <oliver.sims@simsassociates.co.uk> wrote:
Statements such as:

    self~createListView(IDC_ORDMGMT_ICONS, e~x, e~y, e~w, e~h, 'icon')

work OK.

But if I add single or double quotes around the symbolic ID like this:

    self~createListView('IDC_ORDMGMT_ICONS', e~x, e~y, e~w, e~h, 'icon')

Then I get an error message "DlgAreaU class could not parse
SELF~CREATELISTVIEW(...)", and this and other controls do not re-size when
the window is re-sized.

Is this working properly, or is it a bug?
I recently added the ability to use symbolic IDs to the DlgAreaU class, despite my vow to not tinker with it.  I would say, just don't use quotes.  Sort of like the doctor joke: "Doc it hurts when I lift my right arm above my head." and the doctor says: "Then don't left your right arm above your head."
Whether it is a bug or not, well maybe after looking at the code, it is.
You can try this fix and test it.  If it fixes things, we can change the code.
In the DlgAreaU class, in the init() method there are 2 lines that look like this:
      ObjId = dlgObject~resolveSymbolicID(ObjId~space(0))
change those two lines to look like this
    ObjId = ObjId~space(0)~strip( ,"'")~strip( , '"')
    ObjId = dlgObject~resolveSymbolicID(ObjId)
That should fix it I think.  You can test it by changing the code in ooDialog.cls and see whate happens.  In case it is hard to read the above, 1 of the strips is a single quote surrounded by double quotes, and the the other is a double quote surrounded by single quotes.
Mark Miesfeld