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The inherited methods section of the classes are horribly mangled in the publican version.  Is it possible to just make each method name a hot link without the section information and the repeated method name?

Yes, it is possible, but requires some rewrite.

When we switched over I couldn't stand that (Section, “new (Class
Method)”) type of links, so I redid the ooDialog manual.

The problem is that publican spits out a warning for every link that isn't done their way.  But it is just a warning, it doesn't effect the outcome.

You can do 2 things.  You can change it back to the way we used to do it:

<para>Methods inherited from the <link linkend="clsObject">Object</link> class.

instead of:

<para>Methods inherited from the Object class (<xref linkend="clsObject" />).

Or you can add a xreflabel to the section ID.  This:

<section id="clsObject" xreflabel="Object"><title>The Object Class</title>

instead of this:

<section id="clsObject"><title>The Object Class</title>

of course that still doesn't look real good to me, so I also would change:

<para>Methods inherited from the Object class (<xref linkend="clsObject" />)

to this:

<para>Methods inherited from the <xref linkend="clsObject" /> class.</para>

Then you would see: Methods inherited from the Object class.  

With Object a blue link.
That's what I did for all the ooDialog doc.  Unfortunately, David had already changed much of the ooDialog doc, so I had to change it back.

One thing is that the newer versions of publican don't emit the warnings any more unless you ask for them.

Mark Miesfeld