On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 2:01 PM, <Amphitryon@ok.de> wrote:
Unlucky in using self~constDir[SYMBOLIC_ID] = numericID I changed
all Symbolic IDs in the example within paragraph
'SystemMenu Command Event Handler' on page 1155f of 'ooDialog
Reference Version 4.2.0' to numeric IDs from 301 up to 309 (hoping
not to step over some predefined constants - BTW, how may I figure
out what numeric IDs are not yet in use?).

Just don't use a number less than 50.


The addition to the system menu is shown as expected, alas only
selecting the menu entry 'Cut' brings the expected result, 'Copy'
and 'Paste' just make the menu disappear but nothing more. When I
quit the dialog the cmd window shows two lines:

        In uninit() of PopupMenu
        In UNINIT() of Menu class cMenu=01782EA0

These 2 lines were debug statements I mistakenly left in the release version.  A bug was opened for it and it is fixed for the next release.


What did I overlook this time? As a beginner within ooREXX and
ooDialog I allow me to append what I tried.

After a quick glance at your code, I don't see what the problem is.  I'll have to think about why it doesn't work.

Mark Miesfeld