Hi David,
Thanks for the update.  It sounds promising.
Does it look like Publican would have continued support into the future?
Mark Miesfeld

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 9:11 AM, David Ashley <david.ashley.ibm@gmail.com> wrote:
All -

I am starting to look at using Publican to publish our documentation. I am just
getting started but so far it looks very promising. Here is what I know so far.

1. Publican uses DocBook XML as its input so the source for our documentation
would not have to change. Although it would need to be tweaked in a few areas,
mostly image tags.
2. Publican is available on all the major Linux distributions including Fedora,
Red Hat, Ubuntu and Debian.
3. It can produce output formats like pdf, html, epub, Eclipse plugin, and a few
4. It can do language translations on the fly. We need to look carefully at this
5. Both Fedora and Red Hat use Publican for all their documentation. Other Linux
distributions are also considering adopting it.
6. Publican is mostly self-contained although it uses xslt underneath. But it
does not require just about anything else to produce a document.

I am really busy at my day job this month but as things begin to get under
control on that front I will start trying to publish one or two of our docs just
to see what they look like.

Stay tuned.


David Ashley
ooRexx Development Team

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