On Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 4:21 PM, Oliver Sims <oliver.sims@simsassociates.co.uk> wrote:
Just thinking about the .Edit~inherit statement in NumberOnlyEditEx.cls.
The full statement is:

     .Edit~inherit(.NumberOnlyEditEx, .EditControl)

I can't find the class .EditControl in the ooDialog Reference, and was just
wondering if it's just not yet documented, or whether it's not mentioned
intentionally (e.g. it's a private class that developers are not expected to
Part of what was done in ooDialog 4.2.0 was what I'm calling the unification of class and method names.  Previously ooDialog's class and method names were sort of a hodgepodge of names with no consistency. 
The dialog control classes used names that made no sense to me, making it hard to remember exactly which name to use.  For instance you had the ComboBox class, the RadioButton class, the EditControl class, the ListControl class.  Why is the class ComboBox and not ComboBoxControl?  If there is a ButtonControl class, why is the check box class not called the CheckBoxControl? 
Was the ListControl class a list box or a list view?  If you just wrote a line of code using the EditControl class and want to do something with a radio button, is the class name ??  RadioButtonControl or ...
There was also inconsistency with the method names that dealt with the dialog controls.  This feature request has some further discussion:
Microsoft has a single name for each dialog control.  In 4.2.0 all class names and method names pertaining to dialog controls use Microsoft's name for the control.  The radio button class is .RadionButton, not .RadioButtonControl, the list view class is .ListView, not .ListViewControl, or .ListControl, edit is .Edit, not .EditControl.
So, all the method names that used editContol and class name of EditControl are deprecated, but still work.  All mention of the EditControl class in the documentation is removed and the Edit class is used instead.
All the deprecated methods still work, but they are explicitly not documented.  If you are writing new code you shouldn't use the deprecated methods.  If you are editing old code and are editing a line using one of the deprecated methods, then while editing the line anyway, you should replace the deprecated method name with the new name.  If you aren't doing either, then you don't need any documentation.
In the appendix of the ooDialog doc is a list of all the deprecated methods and their replacement methods.
In the inherit() method, you will see that the second argument controls where the class is inserted in the superclasses list.  I didn't want it inserted at the end of the list, so I used .EditControl.  If you look in the ooDialog.cls file for the .Edit class you will see why that works.  I could have used .DialogControl as well, and maybe should have.
Mark Miesfeld


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