On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 9:57 AM, J. Leslie Turriff <jlturriff@centurylink.net> wrote:
On Tuesday 16 July 2013 09:58:22 Mark Miesfeld wrote:
> Hi Leslie,
> I never worked with Rexx on a main frame, so hostemu is completely foreign
> to me.  So, I can't help much there.
> I vaguely remember that there are some special rules about quoting.
>  Combing the error code 20, Symbol Expected, and this:
>  'diskw "/home/leslie/html/private/'directory.d'/index.html" (finis stem
> html.'
> I would guess the quoting is not correct.  Error code 20 has this subcode:
> 906
> Symbol expected after "(" of a variable reference. Or maybe it has to do
> with directory.d.
        It was a problem with directory.D.  My bad.

Good, that clears up one thing.  ;-)
        I will fiddle a bit more with the sysGetErrNo() and sysGetErrNoMsg() and
perhaps open a bug report.

You don't need to fiddle with it.  It is a bug.   sysGetErrNoMsg() will return unknown every time.  If you open up a bug report, I'll fix it.

Mark Miesfeld