Take ooDialog.exe and ooDialog.com and put them in  a temp directory not in the path.

Doubt that will change anything, but ooDialog.exe should not be in the listing if it is not loaded and there is no reason for it to be loaded.

Mark Miesfeled

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 10:44 AM, Staffan Tylen <staffan.tylen@gmail.com> wrote:

No error messages so I guess it should be OK. I now need to determine if this has solved my XP issues. Watch this space!

Bad news, I still get the error but with a different offset:

AppName: oodialog.exe
ModName: rexxapi.dll
Offset: 000020f1

I attach an xml file that was generated by the system at the time of the error if anybody wants to have a look. This is beyond me ...


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