On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 6:32 AM, Staffan Tylen <staffan.tylen@gmail.com> wrote:
My understanding is that itemInfo is a method that extracts limited information about a tree item, but there seems to be no way to store additional data with an individual item.

That's essentially correct.  The Windows tree-view control itself allows the storing of user data with every tree-view item.  Currently there is no way in ooDialog to make use of that facility.

This is of course very similar to the ability to store user data with each list-view item.  ooDialog's ability to make use of that was added very recently.

Eventually, I'll get around to adding the functionality to the TreeView class.  However, this would make an excellent Request for Enhancement.  Opening up one would probably lead to sooner rather than later.  ;-)

If you do open up RFEs, please try to limit it to one specific thing.  I'd rather see 4 different but related RFEs, than a single rambling one with everything in it.

Also, if you do open up a RFE, it would be smart to vote it up yourself.  I'm most likely to tackle things that have some plus votes.

My thinking is that when doing dynamic loading of child data during an expansion of a parent, if the means to load that data could be described in the form of an object stored as parent itemInfo data it would provide improved encapsulation and less code dependencies. Is there an alternative?

I don't see any quick, easy, alternative that could be done today.  However, you could code your own class, you own data structure, where you store the data yourself.  Index on the tree-view item handle and do a look up to pull the data out when you need it.

Mark Miesfeld