A good use of your skills.  I commend you on your work.  But, I can't over any help.

Mark Miesfeld

On Sat, Apr 5, 2014 at 9:53 AM, Walter Pachl <> wrote:

Rxm                                                                                                              5 March 2014


The distribution of ooRexx contains a function package called rxMath that provides the computation of trigonometric and some other functions.

Based on the underlying c-library the precision of the returned values is limited to 16 digits.

Close observation show that sometimes the last one or two digits of the returned values are not correct.

Many years ago I experimented with implementing these functions in Rexx with its virtually unlimited precision.

The rxm class is intended to provide the same functionality as rxMath with no limit on the specified or implied precision.

While I tried to get full compatibility there remain a few (actually very few) differences:


-       RxCalcTan(90) raises the Syntax condition

-       rxCalcexp(x) limits x to 709. or so.


Handling of syntactically incorrect arguments is still to be finished!


The program testexp.rex shows what I have coded so far.

You can see the 3 discrepancies when comparing rxm and rxMath.

The surprise (disappointment) is that condition('D') returns nothing whatsoever


Any help / advice / critique would be highly appreciated






PS rxmexp etc. will eventually be changed to rxCalcexp to become compatible with rxMath!



Find the program at



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