On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 8:29 AM, Staffan Tylen <staffan.tylen@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks Mark. As I'm in no rush at all with this I prefer to wait for an official solution to this.

Hi Staffan,

I  have checked in code to address this issue.  However, it requires a change to one of the header files that is included to build external native extensions, like ooSQLite.  That change won't be in ooRexx until the next release.

The ooSQLite Windows make file has been updated to automatically work in the situation you have.  But, it needs to compile using the updated header.

If you want to build now, you have 2 options:

1.)  You can check out and build your own ooRexx.  If you want to do this, you should check out the fixes branch using this URL:


2.)  You could just grab the updated header file and put it in your current installation of ooRexx.  Which I'm assuming is ooRexx 4.1.3.  You can grab the file from this URL


In your install of ooRexx, there is the subdirectory: api

C:\work.ooRexx\wc\incubator\ooSQLite>dir %REXX_HOME%\api
 Volume in drive C is Win7
 Volume Serial Number is D25E-50D5

 Directory of C:\Rexx\ooRexx\api

09/29/2013  09:14 AM    <DIR>          .
09/29/2013  09:14 AM    <DIR>          ..
05/18/2013  08:44 PM           153,716 oorexxapi.h
07/10/2012  12:36 PM            42,572 oorexxerrors.h
02/25/2010  02:19 PM            40,334 rexx.h
09/29/2013  09:09 AM             5,104 rexx.lib
09/29/2013  09:06 AM             9,544 rexxapi.lib
02/25/2010  02:19 PM            15,581 rexxapidefs.h
09/29/2013  09:28 AM             5,189 rexxapitypes.h
02/25/2010  02:19 PM             3,741 rexxplatformapis.h
02/25/2010  02:19 PM             3,271 rexxplatformdefs.h
               9 File(s)        279,052 bytes
               2 Dir(s)   2,711,363,584 bytes free

Just replace the rexxapitypes.h file with the one from main/branches/4.1/trunk/api/platform/windows/ in the repostory

That is what I would do.  It is the simplest.

I'm assuming you can translate the above URLs to the correct ones, which are specific to my login ID.

Mark Miesfeld