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> That is the format if you used an UserDialog.  In a .rc file it has
> to be:

Thanks Mark, that works..  Is there somewhere where I should have
been able to find those options?

Well, normally a resource editor knows the proper symbols and puts them in for you.  If you want to hand edit a .rc file then everything is documented in the MSDN library.

The trick of course is finding it.  :-)

For this, I would use this term in Google:  ListView  control msdn

When I tried that, the second item was: 

About List-View Controls (Windows) - MSDN - Microsoft

Clicking on that link leads to a page which about 1/2 way done has a link 

Specified by the LVS_ICON window style 

The LVS_ICON link leads you to the page that lists all list-view style constants.  

Once you get to the MSDN library, there is sort of like a table of contents on the left and you can use that to navigate to other parts of the library.

After you use the library for a while, you learn that every dialog control has its own section.  Each section has an over-view and a reference.  The reference section always lists the controls styles under 'constants'.

So you can look up a month calendar windows styles and see that one of them is: MCS_DAYSTATE

Mark Miesfeld