On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 9:28 AM, Walter Pachl <christel.u.w.pachl@chello.at> wrote:
I am trying to convince someone (you may know who) to try ooRexx.
He asked these questions most of which I cannot reliably answer
Would anyone of you be kind enough to take the time to fill in the blanks
and replace the question marks?

Installing ooRexx:

Hi Walter,

Since the questions themselves are Windows orientated, my answers are Windows specific:

What folders does it create?
>> C:\Program files (X86)\oorexx
That is the default installation directory name.  You have the option of installing to any directory with any name of your choosing.
Can I name them myself?
>> ??

You can name the default installation directory to whatever you want.  You can not rename the subdirectories during installation
Can I place them elsewhere than the defaults?
>> ??

I'm not sure what he means by that question.  The installation directory can be placed anywhere, the subdirectories are placed under the installation directory.
Does it hijack any of my existing associations?
>> I guss so ??

Only if you accept the defaults.
What can the file extension(s) [file type(s)] be?
>> user defined ??

Yes, the file extensions / file types can be anything you want
Can I name them anything I want, or do I have to use specific FTs?
>> I guess any can be used

They can be anything you want.
None of this stuff is anywhere that I can find.
>> ?? not on top

There are several read me files in different formats that can be downloaded separately.

The explanatory text on the down load page says this:

_Readme.pdf Installation help and other relevant notes that should be read prior to installation. _Readme.html The same text as _Readme.pdf in HTML format.

Within those files is this:

2.3.2. Running the Installation Program on Windows

I'm not going to copy the text from that section, but it is very detailed, answering the questions asked.  You can write explanations in a dozen places in dozens of different ways, but most people simply don't read them.
There is no   read.me   file that I can download without going through THE download.
>> There is a readme.pdf under docs which is rather extensive
A FAQ for (Microsoft) Windows would be nice.
>> Is there ??

There are the read me files I just listed.
Can ooRexx and other REXXes play well together?
>> I guess so but I don't know (NOT IBM Object Rexx though - but he wouldn't have THAT)
Do I   HAVE TO   go through an install process or can I just copy a few
  files somewhere and let it fly.
>> I guess not really

He could build the interpreter himself and copy whatever files he wanted.  He could run the installer, copy, to save, what files he wanted, run the un-installer, and then use his copied files to install to any systems he wanted.

What (or which) Microsoft Windows versions are supported?
>> That's in readme.pdf (and was recently discussed
Can I run  ooRexx in a stand-alone DOS system  (i.e.,  no windows AT ALL),
  like I can with Regina, PC/REXX and others?
>> I Guess NO

If he means an actual DOS system, then no.  However, many people use that type of terminology to mean a console window.  If that is what he means, then he can run ooRexx in a console.
Mark Miesfeld