That strategy makes sense to me.  Thanks for clarifying exactly what is being produced.

By the way, I've put the PDF docs on SourceForge.

Mark Miesfeld

On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 5:32 PM, David Ashley <w.david.ashley@gmail.com> wrote:
All -

Since we are into the 4.2.0 beta deeply now I am making the following
changes to the daily builds.

ooRexx Interpreter builds
        - the input for these will be the 4.2.0 branch of the interpreter
        - the output will be placed in the release-candidates subdir on the
Build Machine

ooRexx Docs
        - the input for these will be the 4.2.0 branch of the docs
        - the out put will be the docs subdir on the Build Machine

What this means is that I have stopped all trunk builds and replaced
them with 4.2.0 branch builds. The trunk builds will resume after the
release of 4.2.0.

David Ashley

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