On Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 7:07 PM, Art Heimsoth <artstore@artheimsoth.com> wrote:
I understand this probably is not a oodialog problem, but...

I have obtained the PrinterObject2 package from the site
at http://pragmaticlee.safedataisp.net/ and have been trying it.
The demo rex file works okay by itself, but when it is copied
into a small ooDialog skeleton file, it works until the rexx
program is terminated.  Then an exception is raised from
msvbvm60.dll, which is the Common Controls Library and
the .DlgUtil~comCtl32Version indicates I have 6.0 installed.
I have sent Lee (the author of the package) a query on the
problem, but have not yet heard from him.  Where would
I go to try to find out what is wrong if not the author?
Thanks for any suggestions..

If you send me the skeleton program, I'll get the printer package and run it.  When it crashes I can take a look at it in the debugger and we might get a hint at what the problem is.

If you communicate with Lee, tell him Hi for me.

Mark Miesfeld