On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 3:55 PM, Staffan Tylen <staffan.tylen@gmail.com> wrote:
Am I correct in understanding that only the first column (the item) can be edited in an EDITable listview REPORT, not any subsequent columns (the subitems)? If true, is there any way to circumvent that restriction using some 'smart' tricks?

Yes, you are correct in your understanding.  That is exactly how the list-view works.

This is exactly what we were just talking about with the combo box for the subitems.

It just so happens that this topic kind of intrigued me, you were the second person within a few days to bring it up.  So, I have been fooling around with it a little bit, and I just about have the combo box working.  If I get that to work, using an edit control will be easy.

Mark Miesfeld