Hi Staffan,
I may be able to help with your last point: the ooDialog Guide (p.56) says:

The re-sizing function is provided by two ooDialog-provided classes: dlgAreaU and dlgArea. An
important constraint is that, because dlgAreaU parses the source code of the defineDialog method in
order to handle re-sizing, it will only work with UserDialog, where the dialog template is created
through explicit control creation statements. In addition, since the source code is required at run-time, it
will not work if the source code is tokenized using rexxc. For information about using the re-sizing
function, see the copious comments in dlgAreaUDemoThree.rex.


From: Staffan Tylen [mailto:staffan.tylen@gmail.com]
Sent: 24 October 2012 15:53
To: Open Object Rexx Users
Subject: [Oorexx-users] Resizeable dialogs

>From reading I understand that to create a resizeable dialog one have to follow the following guidelines as a minimum:

- use the THICKFRAME option with create/createcenter
- use class DlgAreaU to define dialog coordinates
- define and connect an onResize method
- leave the program in source format so that ooRexx can parse the defineDialog method

The last point I have a problem to understand: what makes parsing a requirement in ooRexx? Obviously a C++ programmer doesn't have this restriction...